This is my current house in Terraria, it is a great example of the things that you can make in this game. Both of the trees were custom made using the Leaf Wand and the Living Wood Wand, I also have a few NPCs living in my house like the Guide and the Goblin Tinker

House 1.png

Miner HouseTerraria Review

Terraria is one of the best sandbox games ever to come out, many people even like it more then Minecraft witch is the most well known and played sandbox game out there. Terraria is so popular for many reason, whether it’s the riveting boss fights or the exciting exploration people just can’t get enough of this game. Terraria also has amazing replay ability, it can literally be played a million different ways whether you do a melee only play through or a no hit challenge there is no lack of ways to play. Terraria also has one of the most fun and expansive building system that is unlike any other before it, because Terraria is a side scraper many people would think that Terraria would have a boring building system but they couldn’t be more wrong, Terraria has over 10,000 different items many of which are for building so there is no lack of decorations to choose from. One of the best part of Terraria’s building is all the small detail items that serve no purpose but to make your build look awesome. Terraria has hundreds of different enemies to fight some of which are extremely rare to see like Tim. Terraria also has over 20 NPCs that can live in your word that you can buy and sell from, there is also massive amounts of loot to find. Mining in Terraria is like no other game, with massive cave structures and randomly generated chest, mine carts, and more there is always something to find.