Destiny Review

Destiny came out over 3 years ago and created one of the largest fan bases in video game history. Destiny is a FPS, MMO, RPG. It was unlike any game before it offering the strategy and hardcore aspects of big RPGs with a more simple layout that anyone can get into. Over the 3 years that Destiny has been out it has seen many changes from weapon balancing and drop rates to massive content updates. Destiny is most well known for its Raids that challenge 6 players to long difficult boss fights and challenging puzzles, along with the average time of a few hours, raids are definitely no joke. If you do complete a Raid you will be rewarded with powerful weapons and armor. Destiny also has Strikes for those who are not up to the challenge of Raids. Strikes are like short Raids that last about 10 to 20 minutes depending of the difficulty, there is also the Nightfall with is a extremely challenging version of Strikes. Strikes are done with up to 3 people and have a boss fight at the end, they also have their own items that only drop from the strike bosses. For those that are into PvP there is the Crucible that test your skill against other players there is many different game modes with different objective. Most of the game modes are 6v6 but some are 3v3 or 8 players all against each others. For the pro Crucible players there is Trials of Osiris which is 3v3 elimination tournament. Trials will test your skill and teamwork against other powerful foes, and if you are good enough to go flawless you get to go to the lighthouse on mercury to get powerful loot. There is also the Iron Banner witch is a game mode that comes every few weeks that grants its own set of armor and weapons . Destiny also as a story mode that Is not the best part of the game by far and a few other thing but, those are for you to learn on your own.     

Holy shiznit my team sucks.

R6S Scoreboard.png

This is the highest pilot score I’ve ever seen

Pilot Score.png

IDK what the other team was doing but I’m glad they did it.

BO2 Scoreboard

Here is some of the best loot I’ve ever seen in Destiny.

Good Loot 1Good Loot 2

I wanted this more then anything in “Destiny Rise of Iron and i got it first day and I maxed it out too.


These are probably the best rolls I’ve ever gotten on any weapon in Destiny and I got them back to back.


Got a clutch triple kill in Rainbow 6 Siege for the win. (I only T-bagged because they were)

I was playing Titan Fall 2 and the people just didn’t stop coming I ended up getting 5. (I’m not camping)

This was a clean Titan Fall 2 clip were I got a few kills and then choked on the last guy, but its still a clean clip.

This was a random quad kill I got in a plane on a operations game, I was really surprised because I only saw one person.

Here is a good, clean destiny clip from about a year ago were I get 7 kills fairly quickly using the Universal Remote on my Nightstalker Hunter.

This is my current house in Terraria, it is a great example of the things that you can make in this game. Both of the trees were custom made using the Leaf Wand and the Living Wood Wand, I also have a few NPCs living in my house like the Guide and the Goblin Tinker

House 1.png

Miner House

Terraria Review

Terraria is one of the best sandbox games ever to come out, many people even like it more then Minecraft witch is the most well known and played sandbox game out there. Terraria is so popular for many reason, whether it’s the riveting boss fights or the exciting exploration people just can’t get enough of this game. Terraria also has amazing replay ability, it can literally be played a million different ways whether you do a melee only play through or a no hit challenge there is no lack of ways to play. Terraria also has one of the most fun and expansive building system that is unlike any other before it, because Terraria is a side scraper many people would think that Terraria would have a boring building system but they couldn’t be more wrong, Terraria has over 10,000 different items many of which are for building so there is no lack of decorations to choose from. One of the best part of Terraria’s building is all the small detail items that serve no purpose but to make your build look awesome. Terraria has hundreds of different enemies to fight some of which are extremely rare to see like Tim. Terraria also has over 20 NPCs that can live in your word that you can buy and sell from, there is also massive amounts of loot to find. Mining in Terraria is like no other game, with massive cave structures and randomly generated chest, mine carts, and more there is always something to find.